Sunday, 24 March 2013

Six Word Skits: Sometimes They Are Actually Creepy

So some buddies I have back in my home town make videos under the name Skit For Brains and their most recent endeavour has been a series called Six Word Skits. Now you may be wondering "What does this have to do with horror or sci-fi?" Well some of their skits are actually kind of creepy, so read on for some shorts to hopefully put a smirk on your face (I never smile at the internet, smirking is the closest I get)

First we will start with the most blatantly horror, the zombie shorts:

Next onto one that is more on the gory side of things and an explanation of why you should NEVER give a girl a hard time about what she's eating (you know who you are, yeah I'm talking to you):

And finally just two of my personal favourites because they are creepy and such:

Seriously, that is probably the only way you could get me to go for an extended run.

So there you have it a taste of creepy carnage in six words... or less.

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