Wednesday, 17 April 2013


On the 14th I had a great time watching The ABCs of Death at the Rio Theatre's first screening of the film. Incase you don't know the concept behind it The ABCs of Death is 26 short films made by filmmakers around the world, each one with a different letter of the alphabet and a word starting with that letter. So as you can expect the film was a VERY varied bunch. Now because I don't want to give away what the shorts are about, or what the word for each letter is I'll just reveal what letters were some of my favourites.

The letter D was nearly silent and great!
I would definitely rank D, R, S, V & X as some of the best. There were a few in the bunch that didn't seem very horror like and some such as O, W and Z that had me scratching my head and may induce seizures in some (the end credits could also have the same effect). Then there were the segments that made me squirm, so be prepared when you watch L, X(yes it was also one of my favourites) and Y. I also found Ti West's contribution a little disappointing considering how much I enjoyed some of his features.

If you base what the word for R is on this shot, you would probably be wrong.
This movie may have been two hours long but I can only think of one point where it felt like it was dragging on and on, mostly because it was an uncomfortable short to watch. While there were a few exceptions, overall the shorts were great quality with some awesome effects and make-up. The only thing that disappointed me was that not many of the segments had supernatural or occult elements. Yes this has been another short article, I forgot to take notes... so just watch it yourself and form your own opinion!

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Evil Dead Day

This scene certainly brought back some memories... and my distrust of trees.

April 5th 2013 is officially now to be known forever as Evil Dead Day, at least if me calling it that makes it official anyways. I spent the whole day watching the original Evil Dead films, then got VIP treatment while watching the remake. I was lucky enough to watch the remake with most of the other people involved in Evil Dead in 60 Seconds, which also got a bit of media coverage recently despite the Virgin Radio contest being long over. First Buzzfeed declared Evil Dead in 60 Seconds one of the 15 Greatest Fan Tributes to The Evil Dead. Then as a part of the lead up to the remake Bloody Disgusting declared our producers one of their Deadites of the Day. That only further fuelled my spastic excitement for the remake's release.