Thursday, 3 April 2014

Game of Thrones Burlesque: Rude, Crude and a bit less nude

Well last Saturday was quite the night. I went on a solo mission to see the Tourette's Without Regrets Game of Thrones Burlesque show at The Rio Theatre and it was well worth the awkward feeling of sitting beside a stranger. To be fair I at least knew one of the people performing in the show, my friend Jesse Inocalla was playing Tyrion Lannister (the imp) and did so hilariously. You might be thinking "but isn't Tourettes Without Regrets from California?" and you would be right, but probably half the cast was made up of Vancouverites including the fan favourite Little Miss Risk (as Melisandre), the adorable Voodoo Pixie (as Bran) and the demonic Bloody Betty (as the Executioner and Ramsay Snow).