Thursday, 11 April 2013

Evil Dead Day

This scene certainly brought back some memories... and my distrust of trees.

April 5th 2013 is officially now to be known forever as Evil Dead Day, at least if me calling it that makes it official anyways. I spent the whole day watching the original Evil Dead films, then got VIP treatment while watching the remake. I was lucky enough to watch the remake with most of the other people involved in Evil Dead in 60 Seconds, which also got a bit of media coverage recently despite the Virgin Radio contest being long over. First Buzzfeed declared Evil Dead in 60 Seconds one of the 15 Greatest Fan Tributes to The Evil Dead. Then as a part of the lead up to the remake Bloody Disgusting declared our producers one of their Deadites of the Day. That only further fuelled my spastic excitement for the remake's release.

Jane Levy you are my new favourite.
So of course I enjoyed re-watching all the originals and noticed a few new things as well, such as in the first one Scotty is a woman beater. Anyone else remember this lovely quote of his "I'm going to beat your face" I may be slightly paraphrasing, but this is long before any demonic possession has taken place, so really Candarian demons were just permission for him to live out his fantasies. The other thing that became apparent in a re-viewing of Evil Dead 2 was that those demons really have a thing for hair, seriously it's weird. But I don't have to rehash these with you, you've seen them (if you haven't you should be ashamed of yourself) So now onto the newest bout into cabin based demonic possession, I didn't take notes on this one because I wanted to just enjoy it so my review will be rather short, but spoiler free.

Her facial didn't quite work out as planned.

A heads up, I am already a fan of Jane Levy and two of the movies our male leads have been in (Deadgirl - Shiloh Fernandez and Carriers - Lou Taylor Pucci) so I went into this in a very non-critical headspace. My experience was pretty easily summed up by the fact that my face hurt the next day from the massive dopey grin I was wearing for the entire 90 minutes of the movie, there was also some giggling and maniacal laughter thrown in there for good measure. I think that this was pretty much the best thing that anyone could have hoped for in a remake of the Evil Dead. You could not have had a new Ash in it because no one can fill Bruce Campbell's shoes. If you went to theatres thinking you were going to get some camp you should be ashamed of yourself because every interview with anyone involved in the film emphasizes how it is serious and gruesome.

I always munch on a nice exacto knife for breakfast, although they do taste a bit metallic.

The practical effects in this film were amazing, I loved the gore some much, hence the grin. One of the things the film did that I enjoyed was the characters actually reading the book for more information after the evil is released, that's pretty smart if you ask me... well not as smart as not reading the book in the first place, but still fairly smart. The film even managed to surprise me with its ending. I won't say what happens, but I will say that some beautifully grotesque scenes result. In summary go to this in theatres, preferably with a group of friends and be prepared for some dismemberment and death.

Mmmmm, maybe you might be hyperbolizing that just a little.

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