Wednesday, 31 August 2016

See Me, Hear Me

August was a pretty great month. I've acted in two short films and did my first interview for a podcast! The first short film I was on set for was Off World Pictures latest short, Ghost Can, which was made especially for The Rio Theatre's Dead on Film Festival. That meant that, due to the submission deadline, from the beginning of shooting they had around 20 days to complete it post production and all. I'm proud to say they did an amazing job. All the effects worked out great and we managed to get some pretty cool locations. One of those locations was a local amusement park where the security kept driving past us, but luckily not once did they harass us for filming there.

It was accepted into the Dead on Film Festival where it had a great reception from the audience, people were even yelling one of my lines at the screen. In fact the people enjoyed it so much that, drum roll please... it won both Audience Choice and the Judge's Choice (aka the Zoscar) for best film!

The Zoscar is so heavy with badass that it requires two hands to hold it.

This is what victory looks like.
Next let's talk about the interview I did. Earlier in August I was interviewed by Voodoo Pixie and Mama Fortuna for their Dark Entries podcast. I had an awesome time chatting with those ladies and you can listen to our ramblings here or search for Dark Entries on iTunes (be sure to rate and review, which if you listen to as many podcasts as I do you will be used to hearing people say)

Finally let's talk about the Run & Gun 48 hour film competition, put on by This is a Spoon Studios and VanChan, which I was once again an actor in. The project I worked on this year was called The Babysitter and was directed by Dana Bontempo. In it I play a terrible mother who leaves her daughter in the hands of an incompetent babysitter with catastrophic results. The film premiered this past Sunday and it brought home the Audience Choice award as well as Best Director. So I suppose you could say after this past month that the people love my work.
On the Red Carpet with actress Treychel Anderson.