Thursday, 28 February 2013

The First Valloween: Warm Bodies

Now in my personal opinion Valentines day is lame. The only good thing about it is when my parents would give me chocolate, but now that I've moved out that doesn't happen. Community has inspired me to begin celebrating the day before my birthday with Valloween instead of Valentines day. I for one am all for replacing a holiday that just reminds me about being single with an excuse to dress up and watch a tonne of horror movies whilst still getting chocolate. This year it was rather short notice so I celebrated by going to Warm Bodies after I got off of work.

Yes Donald Glover, a thousand times yes, you can be my sexy Dracula!

I'm going to get this off my chest right now so it doesn't permeate through the entire review, I wanted more gore. They managed to achieve a pg-13/pg rating with some f-bombs in there so surely it couldn't have hurt to add some more blood. When your movie is about zombies, I don't care if it is a comedy I want blood and guts.

Now that that's out of the way, I actually enjoyed the film. I loved the narration throughout the beginning of the movie, it definitely helped to humanize our main zombie R. What also helped to humanize him is his surprisingly good motor skills, generally I don't think of zombies as being able to open doors (especially airplane doors). Turns out zombies also get bored in this universe, zombies with an attention spans?

Hipster zombie prefer polaroid to digital.

And now the romance begins. I never thought that a zombie ambush could be romantic, but somehow it is. R has himself a special mantra when he's trying to pick up the ladies which I also use on a regular basis "Don't be creepy". It's really hard to not be creepy and usually I just fail miserably, but R achieves some success. Turns out though that his girlfriend needs some zombie acting tips, so he manages to grunt some out.

I really hope this picture was intended to be a parody of Twilight, otherwise yikes.

Thanks to this movie I have figured out what would be the worst form of death would be in a zombie apocalypse. You get killed by a zombie, but not through a bite, through a car crash with the zombie driving. Even worse, a hipster zombie who loves vinyl.

Is it strange that I find Nicholas Hoult more attractive as a zombie than as a human?

It also turns out that corpses can fight rather well. The entire movie had a rather beauty and the beast feel, but with less stockholm syndrome (because he rescued her rather than kidnapped her) complete with a happy fairytale ending. I was sitting in the theatres with my horror senses tingling throughout the entire ending just waiting for something bad to happen, but no this movie was clearly meant to have people leaving the theatres happy... or lonely depending on their romantic situation.

While this movie definitely put zombies in a more positive light, I would still choose a ghost over a zombie because ghosts don't rot, and would also smell better.

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