Saturday, 22 February 2014

People Who "Don't Like Horror Movies"

Whenever I tell someone that I love horror movies often they will say something along the lines of "Really? Personally I don't like horror movies." Yet if we end up really discussing it, they usually reveal that the blanket statement they made is not all that true. I only started noticing this trend as recently as this summer when my mother visited and she agreed to come to The Conjuring with me when she realized it wasn't a gory movie, but a ghosty movie. Apparently all this time that I had thought she hated all horror, it was just the blood and guts she wasn't a fan of, ghosts and demonic possession were a-okay for her. Heck she even enjoyed the movie.

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Horrifying Birthday Wishes

Everyone gets a heaping pile of facebook messages on their birthday, I decided to make mine a little more interesting by asking people to share with me their favourite horror movie and why it is their favourite, so here are their anonymous responses (I will update it throughout the day as more come in):

-My favorite horror is house of the devil because it is retro styled, well paced, has a cult, is a devil baby movie, and is low budget but high value!

-House on Haunted Hill was a fun one just because it was simple, uncomplicated ghost stuff. Behind the Mask and Dogsoldiers were also awesome, for reasons you know.

-I don't have a favorite horror movie and you know that. You know I have to always cover my eyes, even when watch the B list ones.

-Insidious (the first one) had the ability to make me jump whilst I was watching it on a plane on a tiny screen. Not baaad I'd say! I also thought that The Children was fabulous... although I doubt you'll have seen that as it's British.  (Ariel here, I actually own a copy of The Children)

-Evil Dead. Such a unique and well crafted blend of jump scares, gore, unsettling vibes and humor. Plus it was made on a shoestring budget.

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Fiction Factions: Heroes of Horror, Masters of Macabre

Last night I attended the best live show I've seen so far this year. It was called Fiction Factions and was a competition between Edgar Allan Poe, H.P. Lovecraft and some other author who's books I haven't read (that would be you H.G. Wells) embodied by JJ WebbStephen W.B. Blakley Mason and Tyler James Nicol in that particular order. They used every form of performance possible to prove they were tops (much like Poe's 12 year old cousin/bride) starting with the always lovely art of women taking their clothes off to music. The lovely ladies who danced their arses off for the authors were Sherry Hymen (crystal egg themed performance), Voodoo Pixie (Dagon, culty tentacle themed) and Melody Mangler (macabre, Victorian tell-tale heart themed). Is it just me or is burlesque infinitely better when it's dark and sinister?