Wednesday, 27 February 2013

First Horror Role Part 3: The Fake Festival

Now I am sure you are all wondering "How did the Evil Dead in 60 Seconds do?" Well on the 15th of February we found out that we had made it into the top 25, it was a pretty great birthday present. Some of the crew also managed to win enough tickets so that everyone (who didn't have other commitments) was able to come. Now there was a theme to this party, movie characters. Let's see if you can figure out who I chose to go as:

Carrie, I'm Carrie. Being bloodified by Reagan from The Exorcist.
Actually all the girls in our group went as horror characters (Carrie, Reagan, Lady Jigsaw, One of the twins from The Shining and The Black Swan) the men however, not so bloody... well except for our Ash, who went as Ash (although really isn't Ashley a bit of a girl's name?).

Alright, alright fine I'll tell you how we did. We were huddled together as we watched them present the five nominations for best picture. They showed Jaws, Bourne Identity, Wreck It Ralph, then this lovely little cabin showed up on the screen and we got to watch our video as a part of the top 5. The last nominee was Life of Pi. And when they announced the winner it was... Wreck It Ralph. Yes, there were some tears cried (I won't say by who), but personally I'm impressed that a film with tree rape could even make it into the top five of a non-horror film competition. It just goes to show what an awesome job the directors, cast and crew did putting it all together.

Even Minnie Mouse loved it!