Sunday, 10 February 2013

First Horror Role Part 2: The Film

Alright, awesome news, The Evil Dead in 60 Seconds was released on Friday! Since I know you all are desperate to see it, here it is:

So now that you have seen the video vote for it by going to the Virgin Fake Film Festival website and click the like button below the video! ...or else.

Feeling demonic today?

When it was released on Friday I was pretty much doing a social media frenzy along with everyone else involved and it was the most successful social I've done. It may sound dorky but I was super excited to be retweeted by horror directors like Nicholas Humphries and The Twisted Twins (Jen & Sylvia Soska) as well as The Rio Theatre and The Storm Crow Tavern. Even my Grampa loved the video!

The short has also had some pretty damn good reception on horror websites, here is a list of links to articles that have been written so far:

Bloody Disgusting
Dread Central
Daily Dead (I think they chose an awesome picture to represent the film)
Horror Society
We Came From The Basement

I can't express in words how excited I am that something I worked on is getting exposure on all these websites (and hopefully more to come). Some of them even mention my name!!

Next up in the last instalment of this series of articles is how we did in the festival (vote for us so we do well!)

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