Tuesday, 1 January 2013

2012: Some of it was Awesome and Some of it Sucked

Well Now that there is officially no more time for me to watch any 2012 horror films in 2012 I have compiled my list of the best I saw, and the worst. I actually made an effort this year to watch horror movies that came out this year, wish I'd seen more, but hey that's what 2013 is for. Both lists are in no particular order.

First the best:

I will never stop loving this scene.
The Cabin in the Woods
Oh Joss Whedon, you and Chris Hemsworth had a great year. This movie was too awesome for me to put into words with a real review, as with a couple other movies on this list. While some of my friends didn't like it, as a major horror buff I loved it, especially all the tributes to movies that made the genre... plus the awesome writing. Sigourney Weaver at the end just sealed the deal for me at the end even though it had already earned a spot on this list.

Incase you were wondering, thats all meat.
John Dies at the End
Another one I had a hard time describing my love for, mostly because I have no idea how to actually describe the movie to others. It was just off the walls in a way that I loved and again the writing just sold it for me. You don't have to be on the Soy Sauce to love this one.

Oh how I wish I were the girl in those overalls...
because that would mean I would have starred in an awesome movie, DUH! 
Detention barely made the cut this year and by that I mean I only watched it three days ago. The first five minutes of this movie had me hooked (and Josh Hutcherson hadn't even graced the screen with his presence yet). My initial reaction was that they had taken my favourite tweenager TV show, Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, set it in high school, made Ned hot, Moze the main character, Cookie asian and threw a serial killer into the mix. Then upon further ponderings I also realized it is a fusion of the first two films on this list. If you like making fun of hipsters, aliens, slashers and time travelling bears this movie is definitely for you.

Sometimes family bonding doesn't work so well.
We Need To Talk About Kevin
More of a horror character study, this film was filled with brilliant acting on the part of Tilda Swinton and Ezra Miller were chilling. This was a film I was actually able to watch with my family and it really stuck with us and has become more relevant in light of recent events in the US.

Maybe I should start searching for mysterious glowing caves, I've always wanted super powers.
Ah teen angst plus superpowers. For once it didn't lead to spandex clad crime fighting. I applaud this movie for the realistic exploration of what would happen if some teenage boys got superpowers. Some have said that it was pretty much a live action version of the movie Akira, without actually being Akira. Regardless it was great and one of the few times I found that the "found footage" style didn't take away from the film, but actually added to it.

Honorable Mentions: These can't possibly be classified as horror films, but I thoroughly enjoyed The Avengers, The Amazing Spiderman and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

And then there are the worst (Indie films not included because at least they were trying):

The Woman in Black
For me it just felt bland. It's not so much that I didn't like it, just that I liked all the other movies I saw this year better. At least it scared the people I took to see it in theatres with.

Resident Evil Retribution
Not much to say about this one, the CGI was poorly done in many places and the story was barely evident. This franchise is getting far to confusing for my liking, please just stop.

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter
A case of "I read the book before I saw the movie" there was no way this movie could have lived up to the book. It didn't even feel like an actual movie, the whole thing was like one long trailer for a movie and aside from an adorkable Abraham Lincoln I left the theatre (there was only one other person there) disappointed.

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