Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Creepy Christmas 2012: Silent Night

Yes, I know it's a little late, but this was probably one of my favourite events of the holiday season. It was at The Rio and hosted by the Twisted Twins aka the Soska Sisters who have American Mary coming out soon, although who knows when it will get a theatrical release from Anchor Bay. I even won a free t-shirt although they made fun of my Cowichan style sweater, my Grandma made it. They then skyped the director of the film on the audience's behalf. Here are a few of the things he had to say:

-The Coca Cola Santa is creepy
-He went balls to the wall with this movie
-Malcolm McDowell is amazing and a straight badass
-He will tweet with you about his movie (@StevenCMiller)
-Get ready to be fucked up by watching this movie

Then the Soska sisters started handing out t-shirts and I won one! But not before they made fun of my Cowichan style sweater... my dead grandma made it. Once all the t-shirts were gone the evening of film started with Treevenge! I felt so awesome having already seen it and this time I actually noticed J-Roc from the Trailer Park Boys in it.

And now for the actual movie you all want so badly to hear about.

It opens with a kidnapped woman which is always a good start to a slasher flick. We even get the first kill before the opening credits! Our killer is the classic psycho dressed in a Santa suit, but this one has a twist, the events take place during a Santa Claus parade consisting of over 500 hundred Santas.

Santa likes to think of unique and interesting ways to kill every special person on his naughty list.

Next we are introduced to a little girl who is a complete bitch to her mother and then goes on to say "Fuck church!" well now you just know she's going to die. Of course no small town is complete without the creepy priest who happens to be a passionate scrapbooker... of boobs. And in something that is never further explored in the rest of the film there is a brief moment of a possessed grampa warning about Santa Claus.

The next clear victims are the participants in a slutty Christmas photoshoot. Well Santa pays them a visit with a sack full of weapons, a different one for each kill. There is even a beautiful woodchipper kill that you know is coming as soon as you spot that glorious machine. Oh and did I mention Malcolm McDowell is in this? Well one of the characters learns that when Malcolm McDowell tells you to man up, you damn well better do it!

Just Malcolm being his badass self. Does he ever even have to act?

In the final chunk of the film we get a flamethrower wielding Santa and then at the climax it is an axe battle between him and our heroine. I have to say this is probably one of my favourite "Crazed Santa Claus Killer" films, much better than Santa's Slay and Saint. If you haven't seen it yet, add Silent Night to your 2013 Christmas viewing list.

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