Monday, 26 November 2012

Rio Grind Festival: Shorts Program

Well it has certainly taken me long enough, but I'm finally posting about the shorts I saw at the Rio Grind Film Festival. This is going to be rather rapid fire as the shorts just kept coming and I couldn't even stay for the entire thing.
Really hope this festival becomes an annual event.

They opened the program with a organ donor PSA that got rejected by the people who it was intended for because it was far too gory for them. Personally I think PSAs need more gore in them.

Next was a short called Monster, which had the most adorable little CGI monster in it. But looks can be deceiving, this is not a creature you would want to run into.

Third was a short called Hellvetica. The victim in this short is a coffee shop hipster who has a rather loud phone conversation about the font Helvetica. We then get a montage of the hipster being a hipster which could have been one of those "Shit Hipsters Say" youtube videos, just with a stalker.

There was a great quote from one of the films "I like my women like I like my coffee, ground up in the freezer."

I then got to see the film I was most excited about, one of my bosses from working at Fright Nights made a short called Dead Crossing where we learn that the US government actually uses zombies to patrol the border.

There were a few other films then the intermission, which once we got back from the next film was Monkey Mania which had a heavy B-movie vibe to it.

Amongst the rest of the films I saw was one entirely done in puppets as well as a truly disturbing short from Ireland called Dysmorphia which actually had me squirming in my seat.

I always recommend watching horror shorts whenever you can because I've noticed a trend of the shorts getting picked up for feature length adaptations and the really good ones always stick with me for a long time.

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