Monday, 29 October 2012

DEDfest Part 4: Famine

Ah, we have come to the conclusion of DEDfest Victoria with the final film that appeared that evening, Famine by Vancouver director Ryan Nicholson. It is a slasher that takes place during a 24 hour Famine (my school wasn't allowed to call them famines so we had 30 hour fasts).

For my review read on after the break.

I really must say of the four films this one was my least favourite. I am not going to fault the actors on this one, I found that the writing on this one was... well it felt like watching a Troma film, with less nudity (apparently the reason for that was one actress saying she wouldn't, then another one hearing about that and deciding to not do any either). In terms of the protagonist, I wasn't sure whether she was supposed to be a moron, a smart nerd or have turrets(I have no idea how to spell that). The Nazi principal was amusing, but overall I felt they were trying too hard to be funny. and one scene had me questioning, why do people follow inanimate objects that magically scoot along the ground and not think "AAAH GHOSTS".

There was a Q&A session with the director afterwards. A few of the things learned in the session was that the film was based off of an idea the director's son had and the murderers costume was originally a Mario mascot costume with several tweaks made to it.

That's it for DEDfest, if you are looking for some Troma style Can-con watch Famine, but know that that is what you are getting into watching it. And of course I am going to another genre film festival this weekend called the Rio Grind Festival, so you can look forward to some of the offerings of that in the coming weeks.

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