Sunday, 28 October 2012

Scary Fairy Tales: Stanley Park Ghost Train 2012

There have been a few things in Vancouver that I have wanted to do this Halloween season. The first that I did was go to the Stanley Park Ghost Train who's theme was:
For a selection of photos from the train ride and an over all assessment of the event read on.
It seems that fairytales are all the rage right now with shows like Once Upon a Time & Grimm and the numerous fairytale based films that have come out or are coming out, so even Stanley park is getting in on the action.
Looks like we have a little original non-Disney Cinderella going on.

Taking inspiration from the upcoming Jack the Giant Slayer film?

The ugly duckling came back... FOR REVENGE!

Some neato monster masks.

The monstrosities up close.

Even the natural forest got in on the creepy action

So many stories to choose from!

And the ride into horror begins!

Snow White and some of her Dwarves having a dance off.

Is she involved in a Bad Romance?

Lake Monster.

Evil Witch with some apples

All that was left of Rapunzel was her hair.

Revenge upon the pied piper.

If this had been Ariel in the Little Mermaid, maybe I wouldn't have minded people asking if I was named after her.

Another lake monster.

Gee, I have no idea what fairy tale this is...

Ogre monster thing.

Oooooo a dragon, I love those things.

Well that's a rather unfortunate ending.
I would say that I preferred last year's theme which was something along the lines of evil under the big top, nonetheless there were still some cool sets on the train ride and the actors definitely gave it their all. I would say that going alone as someone in their early twenties if felt a little strange, so if you do this for what remains of the Halloween season or next year, go with friends or your family. It is also a great alternative to a haunted house for little ones because of the lack of jump scares.


  1. That actually looks like its kinda cool. Now I want to go. Too bad. Also, the fairy tale you couldn't identify looks like Little Red Riding Hood. Or, I guess it would be Little Dead Riding Hood.

  2. I was attempting to be sarcastic in that caption :P