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Cabins In Woods (The Cabin in the Woods, Evil Dead the Musical... and the Avengers)

Why hello there, I didn't expect you to come back here since I've been pretty quiet lately. Well I have done my best to keep busy in the time I haven't been typing. One of the things I have done is get my Whedon on in theatres.

First I went to see The Cabin in the Woods... alone... I was just sick of waiting and trying to find someone to go with me. It felt like I was the only person in the world who hadn't seen it. Actually it was my first time going to the theatres alone and I think it was more pleasant for the rest of the audience because I wasn't whispering snide remarks to the person sitting beside me. They just had to put up with my squeals of joy. Read on after the jump for musings on the film, a musical and another film.
I did not understand this picture until I saw the movie, then I laughed so hard.

Alright, I just searched my house and it appears I have misplaced my notes on Cabin in the Woods. I can tell you that the trailers were spectacular because they didn't give away very much so you never completely know what is going to happen. The characters start out as far more likeable than in most hollywood horror and go through some very interesting character arcs. To sum up the film, it was hilarious with awesome effects and a great plot. The only thing I have left to say is:

Next I took my super awesome dad (read my previous article to find out why he is awesome) to see Evil Dead the Musical. To prepare the day before I watched the first two Evil Dead films (I already knew the musical doesn't really cover Army of Darkness except for quotes so I left that one out of my marathon) Re-watching The Evil Dead was really fun, especially after seeing The Cabin in the Woods because you could tell where a lot of their inspiration came from. On that board in the above picture did you notice "Angry Molesting Tree" and Deadites? Well I certainly did. My other favourite entries on that board are dragonbat, dismemberment goblins, sexy witches (right below witches) and of course unicorn. Imagine how embarrassing it would be to be killed by a unicorn? I could just see that as a movie now "She searched for them all her life, but what she found trampled her dream... UNICORNS" Okay not the best tagline ever, but I would say pretty good for being thought up on the spot. Oh yes, now back to Evil Dead the Musical.

For a bit of background I love this musical, I know all the songs and had to try really hard not to sing along in the theatre. If you love the original movies I suggest at least listening to the soundtrack of the musical, lots of laughs will be involved. Now this production wasn't the highest budget, or most professional in the world, but for me it was more about getting to see the show live. We sat in the splatter zone and my dad took one of the complimentary rain ponchos for protection. Personally I wear my gore with pride. Busing home I was covered from head to ankle in fake blood and my dad didn't even have a spot on him. In the end it was worth it to finally see the connecting scenes between songs, which actually make the first and second films into one cohesive plot. The best part though was finding out from my mom that less than a week later she caught him singing one of the songs from it. He is not generally a musical theatre fan.
I felt Gorified.
Finally I watched The Avengers... for Mother's Day. It was actually my mom's idea for my dad and I to take her because after all we went and saw Thor for Mother's Day last year. Watching it I was just completely in awe, constantly having fangirl moments of squealing. It was just so amazing, like watching a cartoon, but in live action. That night reinforced one of my life goals, I want to play one of the super-powered women in the marvel universe on the big screen.

Yes, I know it is everyone's favourite quote, but that doesn't make it any less awesome.

Now into a bit of the nitty gritty fan-ness. When I said that it felt like I was watching a live action cartoon, there are two that I was specifically thinking of. Mostly I was thinking of two of my favourite cartoon movies The Ultimate Avengers and its sequel, seriously it's almost embarrassing how many times I have watched those movies on Teletoon. Now I will list some of the similarities that confirm my theory that the Avengers and related films are mostly based off of the Ultimate universe rather than the main marvel universe: Nick Fury is a bad-ass black man rather than white like in the original universe, the alien invaders they face are called the Chitari (I may have spelled that wrong) & Ironman risks his life to blow up the alien mother ship, appearing nearly dead just like in the Ultimate Avengers movies, Bruce Banner tries to recreate the super soldier formula and Thor is always in god mode, rather than being a doctor with a bummed leg who finds a magic walking stick that is actually Mjolnir and fuses his being with that of Thor mentally and being able to transform from one body to another.

I have watched these too many times to count, and I wonder why I am single.
The second cartoon it reminded me of is the current Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes cartoon, but that part was mostly due to the Loki aspects of the film. Also the inclusion of Hawkeye made me think of it as well.

I really need to start watching season 2.

Because of these similarities to the cartoon it leads me to believe that before Avengers 2 comes out we will be seeing a feature film about the Pyms so that two vital and constant members will be included in the Avengers sequel Ant/Giant Man and Wasp. I am really hoping for this because one The Avengers need a super-powered woman and two Hank Pym is one of my favourite characters in both Avengers cartoon groupings, plus he's drawn in a way that makes him seem like my type of hottie, tall and lanky, but with an athletic physique and good-looking yet goofy face. Basically he would be a geekboat (for those not in the know a geeky dreamboat).

And now I leave you with my only problem with the Avengers movie:

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