Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Fan Expo? More Like FUN EXPO!

I bet I had one of the awesomest weekends out there this past weekend. Do you want to know why? Alright, I'll tell you, it was because I went to the first ever Fan Expo Vancouver. It was a steaming pile of super good times and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Now what do I have to show for it? PICTURES!! and a $1 comic book. So read on if you want to follow an event by event summary and photographic experience of my time there.

The first thing that I did after waiting in line for probably 30-45 minutes was go to the trailer premiere and panel for the upcoming horror movie Death Do Us Part. Brief synopsis of what this film will be about: A bunch of friends go to a cabin in the woods for a joint stag with deadly consequences via a sack faced killer. Members of the cast as well as the director, writers and some of the producers were there and answered questions a lot which had to do with creating your own content and the experience of making your own film.

Here is the trailer:

Left to Right: Kyle Cassie(actor), Emilie Ullerup(actor also in A Little Bit Zombie),
 Julia Benson(actor/writer/producer), Peter Benson(actor/writer/producer),
Aaron Douglas(actor), Nicholas Humphries(director)

Can't forget Dave Collette pictured left.
Or the very blurry moderator Brad Dryborough
The third writer Ryan Copple was also there, just not sitting on the panel.

Next up I went to the InnerSpace panel for the upcoming show Primeval New World. On this panel were of course the hosts of InnerSpace as well as the creators of Primeval New World and some of the members of the cast. Just think, DINOSAURS! IN CANADA!

Some members of the cast including Niall Matter and Geoff Gustafson.
For the rest of that day I helped to promote 4Villains at the booth they had. And on the 4Villains front, a quick update, episode 1 part 1 has been released and part 2 shall be coming soon. You can keep up with the show here.

I started off day two by going to the careers in voice-over panel which featured the actors Adrian Petriw, Maryke Hendrikse and Michael Daingerfield. I didn't get any photos of that panel because this time I was actually sitting with some friends, but it was quite informative.

The rest of the day I spent meandering and at the 4Villains booth. And now for some of the pictures I took of people with awesome costumes:

It's like living out a childhood fantasy
Who you gunna call?
Steam Punk Batman and Bain
Don't actually know what this is, I'm assuming it's from Silent Hill
Hip Hop Ironman & War Machine

And that pretty much sums up my time at Fan Expo.

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