Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Holidays Can Be Horrific (2011 Year End Summary)

Alright, now that everyone is back at work/school, time to get back to writing about weirdness. I took a break during my break to spend some quality time with my screen play (which contrary to popular belief is not a romantic comedy). Here is some of the most terrorific things I did this holiday season.

My New Years Eve was spent at the release party for the pilot episode of the awesome webseries (I happen to be apart of) called 4Villains. Watch this EVIL pilot by clicking here. I have two New Years resolutions this year 1) to make new friends in the city I live in and 2) to watch enough horror/sci-fi movies that come out in 2012 to be able to compile a Best of and Worst of list.

Earlier that day I had a small celebration of Halloween in December with one of my closest friends. To celebrate we made Gingerdead Men and watched the hilarious and awesome Norwegian film Trollhunter, which was one of the best found footage films I've seen in a long time.

Another exciting thing that I did last year, it feels so strange saying that, was I went with another one of my closest friends to my first ever metal show. I will assure you that pits were moshed and heads were banged. The band we saw was Deckard Cain at a bar called The Cambie... where apparently my parents met (I wonder if metal bands played there back then).

Oh I also did an awesomely creepy photoshoot with another one of my very close friends, so here are some of the eerie images:

Now I am about to start bragging about my schveet Christmas/Jul swag after the break. So if you don't want to be jealous stop reading now.

Lists are easy so here is a list:
-Gingerdead Men cookie cutter
-Zombie Rescue Kit (I'm naming him Timmy)
-Zombie Smarts 2012 Daily Calendar
-Thor: Tales of Asgard
-Zen of the Zombie
-How to Survive a Horror Movie
-League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Century: 1969
-A Zombie's Guide to the Holidays
-Monster Wine Glass Markers
-A little note book to write down the Evil thoughts I shall not say out loud
-The December Edition of Horror Hound Magazine

And that's it for my holidays from 2011, I will be looking forward to an even odder and more occult 2012.


  1. WE can be Vancouver friends!


    But don't ever make me watch any horror movies. I don't likes them. They haunts me.

  2. What about a movie that is a comedy that just happens to have people dying?