Friday, 8 May 2015

Where Have I Been These Past Few Months

For those who read my blog on a regular basis you may have been wondering that. Well I'm here to answer that (and trying to write posts more frequently).

First off right at the beginning of the year I was on set for one of the segments in the annual Women in Horror Month Massive Blood Drive (February is Women in Horror Month incase you didn't know). I got to get doused in blood so it was a good day all around. Here is the final product, the segment I'm in is called Feliz Cumpleanos:

Also some photos from the set:
Each spider leg represents a man I killed in prison yo.

Meeting the Twisted Twins on set.

With our fearless director Gigi Saul Guerrero, ain't no blood on her!
Next up I booked a voice over commercial! I also worked on a youtube series called Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere Abridged, which, while unpaid, was still a really fun thing to work on.

After that came February, my birth month which saw me going on a trip to Portland, working on a Megasteakman video called A Game of Hyrule (which you may have watched the awesome intro for) and going to the Vancouver Badass Short Film Festival where Dangerous Waves won best sci-fi!

On set for Game of Hyrule, covered in blood as per usual.

Some of the LuchaGore team at the Vancouver Badass Short Film Festival (VBASFF)

Dangerous Waves winning best Sci-fi.

Most of the team behind Dangerous Waves on the red carpet

Shout out to my roommate Elen for helping me look this fabulous.
I also got the chance to see Game of Thrones Burlesque again, and lets just say this year there was as much nudity if not more than the actual tv show (so many dicks were seen).

Just call me the Queen of the West
And what I'd say is the most recent exciting thing I did was go to the Kill Crazy Nymphos Attack fundraiser at the Rio. It was an epic night of burlesque & comedy and lets just say I came home with a lot of swag (I won the comic book trivia contest). Those Soska sisters sure know how to throw a party.

Some risky behaviour with Tristan Risk (aka Little Miss Risk)

He wouldn't give Sam his candy.

Working on my photobombing skills

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