Thursday, 15 January 2015

Netflix Recommendations: January 2015

Alrighty, was your New Year's Resolution to watch more horror movies? Well if it was then I'm here to help with my recommendations for Canadian Netflix this month. As per usual new additions to this list are bolded and I only speak of films I've already seen.

Two friends plan the trip of a lifetime in this found footage film, documenting the journey for a website they've created, but after a chance sexual encounter one of the two friends starts to undergo some unexpected and violent changes.

-The Den
One woman's research project exploring the world of random online video chatting turns dark when she witnesses what she believes to be a murder on the titular chat program

-The Sacrament
Based on the Jonestown massacre this film is a modern smaller scale retelling of what dreadful things occurred brought to us by Ti West.

After her husband has been missing for several years a young woman has finally reached the point where she's ready to declare him dead in absentia, that is until a visit from her sister sheds new light on his disappearance.

-All the Boys Love Mandy Lane
What seems like a traditional slasher flick will surprise you with how some friends choose to start their senior year of high school.

The film follows a sexy psycho as she tries to add a little love to her life. Lots of T & A.

A forced week of sobering up in the middle of nowhere ends badly for a pair of high school friends who've lost touch with each other.

-Evil Dead 2
One of my favourite fight sequences is in this horror classic. A great blend of comedy and fear.

-The Cabin in the Woods
A great twist on the typical horror formula with plenty of laughs thrown in (and a few extra for the true horror buff)

-Almost Human
Don't trust your friends if they show up out of no where after they seemed to have been abducted by aliens.

-The Faculty
Elijah Wood fights an Alien invasion, as directed by Robert Rodriguez

-Banshee Chapter
A serious film inspired by From Beyond with the gay vampire baptist minister from True Blood without the accent.

-V/H/S 2
Some of the segments in this anthology film legitimately freaked me out for a night or two.

One of the better Zom Coms, with a small dose of Rom thrown in there.

-Bad Milo
An excellent comedy about a man who finds himself with an irritable bowel demon living in his colon.

-Tucker and Dale vs. Evil
While renovating their summer home, a couple of hill billys notice an odd amount of deaths happening on their property.

-Planet Terror
After a military bio-weapon is accidentally released, a rag tag group of those immune must fight for their lives against the pustulating victims.

Elijah Wood plays a man with a deadly obsession with mannequins and a strange way of showing his affection for women.

A secluded Irish island community must get wasted to survive an evening of alien assault.

-Stake Land
Survivors of the vampire apocalypse go on a cross country adventure encountering what humanity has come to since civilization's demise.

By now you should know what this one is about.

-The Loved Ones
Lola just wanted to go to prom with him, now he's going to be her date whether he wants to or not.


-Detention (starring Josh Hutcherson)
Serial killer prom queen, aliens and a time travelling bear. Somehow it all works.

-The ABCs of Death
26 short films based on the alphabet, only rule, someone has to die.

Ever wonder what would happen if you met a double of yourself, this probably would.

You know what this one is about

-Black Death
Sean Bean contributes to his death reel in this period piece taking place during the bubonic plague days of England.

-We Are What We Are
After a tragic loss in the family the mantle of religious ritual falls to the eldest daughter.

-30 Days of Night
Vampires in the arctic at the height of winter.

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