Wednesday, 9 October 2013

VIFF 2013: A Field In England

Five men, a hole and some hallucinogens. The latest creation from the mind of Ben Wheatley, known best for Kill List and Sightseers, A Field In England is a period piece with very authentic costume design from what I could tell. The men actually looked grubby, as if they didn't own very much clothing in the first place. The movie grabs your interest from the very beginning with a battle leading to violence and gore within the first ten minutes.
"This is so much fun!" Yes, following what appears to be a possessed person on a leash is always fun!
The film truly illustrates the things people will do for beer. The plot starts with men abandoning the battle to escape to a tavern. Except for our protagonist, the rest of the motley crew are very crude men especially in their rude form of humour. That just adds to the feeling of accuracy the film has. The plot can be rather confusing at points, with alchemists and buried treasure and what not.
Please, please, just one pint good sir.
A few times a rather artsy technique was used where the actors held still as if they were the people in a painting. Just when I thought that that looked cool things really got into the artsy trippy realm. There was actually a disclaimer before the movie telling people to not watch the film if they might suffer from seizures. Good thing they had that disclaimer, it really did get that trippy. For a while I just thought the movie was weird for the sake of being weird, but then I remembered, most of the characters are high on a certain type of a hallucinogen that you might find in a field in england. If you enjoy strange movies, definitely check this out, less confusing than Eraserhead and with some great comedic moments.

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