Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The Frightening Friday: Netherworld Collectibles and Fright Nights

So back on the 11th my friend Christopher Graham (he took all the photos) and I decided to go to the opening night of Fright Nights and since we were going to be in the area we went to Netherworld Collectibles beforehand. As soon as we got into the store we were greeted by an adorable little fellow named Ladder.
I really like snakes.

I mean REALLY like snakes.
Ladder was on loan from http://www.snakeinthegrass.org/ a local snake rescue. After a little quality reptilian time we got to looking around the store which had a great assortment of movie props, posters, books, comics, movies, board games, action figures and more. Things that caught my eye were the Forbidden Planet poster and the wearable Right Hand of Doom (from Hellboy if you're not in the know).

I fell in love at Netherworld Collectibles.

Now I figured since I was in the commercial, I might as well go to Fright Nights. Speaking of Fright Nights here is the 60 second version of the commercial:

Now you must understand I hadn't been a patron in haunted house since I was 10 years old, and that time had ended quite badly. Luckily for me the experience did not result in either tears or assault charges and I have now learnt that I can handle haunted houses. Of course I knew I would be fine with the clown house, that having been my home this time last year, but I wasn't expecting to be as calm as I was for one of the other houses as well. The scariest by far though was the Hollywood Horrors. Lets just say I never expected to be afraid of a certain cannibal.

And now for the rest of the photos of our adventure!

It was like story time for all the little pumpkins waiting to be sliced open, then gutted and set on fire from the inside.

Topher got locked in there for a while. I thought he was just enjoying himself and let him be.

I was quaking in my stud covered boots.

And then I gots ma nails did... with blood.

Topher also found love that night, to Crispy's chagrin.

It was like going home.

But quite overwhelming so I decided to take a long deserved nap.
All in all I would say I had an even better time than I had expected, so if you are in Vancouver and Halloween has not happened yet I would suggest checking Fright Nights out, even if it's just for the rides because those were really really fun too.

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