Monday, 17 December 2012

Creepy Christmas 2012: Saint... and a Christmas Tree.

So I couple weeks back I watched another Christmas horror movie (well St. Nicholas Day which is actually on the 5th, but it counts). It is from the Netherlands and deals with a rare occurance when St. Nicholas Day happens to be a full moon, so St. Nicholas comes back and kidnaps/kills a massive chunk of the population of Amsterdam. Now this is actually a spoiler free post because this movie didn't leave as much of an impression on me as Rare Exports did last year.

I did however learn a few things about St. Nicholas Day through the movie, such as the involvement of people dressed in black face for the holiday. I was rather taken aback by that just like the first time I saw morris(probably spelling that wrong) dancers as a child. Also people write very dirty poems to accompany their gifts which I think would be a fun tradition to take up here in Canada. When I started watching at first I thought it might have been from the early 2000's because of the outfits the girls were wearing, very tacky and trashy... and skimpy for a place where there is actually snow. Turns out they were just very unfashionable people. Here's the trailer for those wanting a sampling of the movie's aesthetics:

Now in my ranking of "Not Yo Mama's Christmas movies" I would rank this one below Rare Exports, but above Santa's Slay. I particularly enjoyed the opening scenes which impressed me with how much story they told without dialogue. Unfortunately I feel that may have set my standards a bit too high for the rest of the film. Not to say that it was bad, just a little disappointing. The FX were of decent quality and while I wouldn't make this a perennial favourite I would say it is a fun watch.

I am currently skyping with my parents whilst they trim their tree and that has inspired me to share a picture of my Christmas tree for this year.
That's Princess Leia at the top with a Sonic Screwdriver behind her. There are also zombie parts thrown in there and worms in place of tinsel.
You can expect a best and worst of 2012 list in the coming weeks as well as a review of the new movie Silent Night. Hope your holidays are proving horrific so far!

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