Saturday, 11 August 2012

Spiderman, Spiderman, Can Hurt You More Than a Spider Can

The very first thing that stands out for me about this live-action adaptation of the web slinger is, mmmmm pretty Peter Parker. Basically this movie is already winning in my books by casting Andrew Garfield as the webhead. I will be upfront and say I never liked Toby Macguire as Spiderman because I always thought Spiderman would be an attractive guy, or at least that's what the 90s cartoon led me to believe. Another thing that made me like this film more than the Sam Raimi Spiderman affairs was the inclusion of Gwen Stacy as Peter's love interest since she was his first true love (they didn't meet until University), although not his first girlfriend in the comics. Now I will warn you, there may be some gushing about our new Peter Parker and some spoilers, so read on at your own risk.
You can sling me with those webs any day.

So when we are first introduced to Peter's high school life, they are using those infernal hollywood lockers that don't actually have functioning locks, because the combination locks on the front are already locked before being closed so they are not holding the door shut at all. Sorry, just one of my pet peeves. And now reason number one I like Gwen Stacy, she's the smart girl who sits at the back. Now because this is an update of Spiderman Peter Parker has many hipster tendencies, but I'm willing to look past that because his personality is appealing enough to make up for it. And that article "Splice of Life" where he reads about his parents and Dr. Connors? Yeah I think the writers must have been reading my blog when they came up with that.

Onto our villain of the film, and one of my favourite in Spiderman's world, The Lizard, AKA Dr. Curtis Connors. I've liked him since I was a kid because a) he was never really evil, just couldn't control his reptile nature, helping Spiderman when human and b) he's a giant lizard human hybrid! In this movie he is played by the man who played Captain Hook in the SyFy channel Neverland miniseries. It seems he plays a lot of dismembered/handicapable people.
They really should have left the purple pants and lab coat to avoid worries of anatomical correctness
Peter Parker, I get that you are concerned about your spider bite, but do you have to google search it? Personally I found that the scariest part of the film and seat squirming ensued. You make up for it though by having to invent your webshooters rather than gaining them from the bite, so I forgive your beautiful smart self. So smart in fact that you make a web in the sewers to find your enemy, that was pretty damn cool. Also I know it was heartbreaking and all for you, but I must admit Uncle Ben's death was far more plausible in this film than in your previous incarnations.

Gwen Stacey, you have just made me love you. You prove that pretty, awkward, geeky girls do actually have a chance at getting guys, I feel less desperate now. Not only that, but you are way more useful than MJ considering the hero wouldn't have been able to succeed without something you make. Also you use the most efficient way to get your dad off of your back, cramps. Just mention that word and dads get weirded out, leaving you alone.
Look at her, all awkward and not a fashion icon.
My last two observations are this: Stan Lee has the best cameo thus far and the tubes of serum look like they were taken right out of the Resident Evil movies. Overall I loved the film, I was able to look past the fact that it wasn't 100% true to the comics because you do have to make changes for film, after all his origin story does take place in the 60s. It did a great job of making Spiderman relevant in 2012, I just hope this run lasts long enough to bring in the Black Cat... and have me play her... ANYWAYS go see the film and tell me what you thought. Did your experience differ?

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