Monday, 19 March 2012

My Macabre Mind (Linda Blair, Walking Dead Finale & Upcoming Movies)

If you remember, last month I went to the Victoria Film Festival to see A Little Bit Zombie. Well the festival also had an event with Linda Blair as a special guest and a showing of The Exorcist. Unfortunately I was unable to stay in town for that, but a family friend Wendy seemed to be able to meet the first person to vomit on film. It turns out Linda Blair cares a lot about dogs so Wendy called her people to see if she would come to the local SPCA which Linda quickly replied and obliged. Wendy even remembered me and GOT LINDA BLAIR'S AUTOGRAPH FOR ME! She is also the owner of the local video store Pic A Flic which has a great selection of horror and cult films. As well she has a photography book as a fundraiser for the SPCA. Find it here.

Walking Dead spoilers following the jump.

Last night I watched the Walking Dead season finale. I have a large confession to make, I haven't watched most of this season except the first two and last two episodes. This was mostly because every episode I watched I kept screaming at the screen "YOU SHOULD BE DEAD!" whenever Shane was on. This was because I have read the first few volumes of the graphic novels and he doesn't even make it into volume two if memory serves. That is why I had an immense amount of satisfaction when I was watching the episode on the 11th.

Last night's episode was also a bit of pleasant surprise for me. I enjoyed how much zombie killing action there was, although the lack of zombie face punches was disappointing. It feels like the series is starting to get on the right track, but I suppose we will find out more about that in the fall. I will tell you though that the penitentiary you could see at the very end of the episode when they had been talking about how they needed to find a safe place put a smile on my face.

Side note, I graduated from my full time program about a week ago.

PROOF! Zombie style.

Finally when it comes to new movies I want to see I need to hold myself more accountable so I am putting up a list here and I will review each one as I watch it:

-The Avengers
-The Cabin In the Woods
-Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter
-Dark Shadows
-Hunger Games
-Piranha 3DD
-The Tall Man (Slender Man anyone?)

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