Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Christmastime is here, lets make it creepy Pt. 2 (Rare Exports & Santa's Slay)

Well it has been just a bit over a week since I stated the Christmas movies I wanted to see this year... and I've already watched both of them. So now I get to tell you all about them, but I will be keeping it short and sweet so that the magic of them won't be ruined before you ahead of time.

Most boring workplace ever.
First let me tell you about what is now one of my favourite Christmas movies. Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale has completely re-affirmed my love of Scandinavian horror/supernatural films. First Dead Snow from Norway, then Let the Right One In from Sweden and now Rare Exports from Finland, somehow the Scandinavians know how to develop characters so that I actually care about them. In essence this movie is about an American company digging up Santa in Finland, who was not the loveable elf we grew up with, a Finnish family finds a rather surly naked old man and try to sell him back to the company. The son in this film may at the beginning seem nothing more than an innocent naive little boy, but by the end of the film I can guarantee you will think he is one of the most badass kids on screen.

Sometimes badasses come in adorable packages.
Now most websites have classified this movie as horror, but personally I would classify it as a supernatural adventure. In fact if it weren't for the amount of F-bombs dropped I would classify this movie as rather family friendly with pretty much a zero death toll and only one gory scene. I would say that if you have older kids (roughly 10 and up), who you are alright with hearing swear words, this is a great movie to rent for your family this holiday season. Also a great accompaniment for this movie would be a nice plate of gingerbread cookies. I certainly know I will be sharing it with my family this Christmas once our baking is done.

Next up we have Santa's Slay, definitely less family friendly and well less character and plot development to be honest. So it turns out Santa is actually the son of Satan, but after losing a bet he was forced to be nice for 1000 years and it just so happened that 2005 (the year the film was made) is 1000 years after that bet. Santa is then free in the film to wreak all the havoc he missed out on for that millennium during his birthday (Christmas) and the only people who can stop him are a 16 year old, his crazy grandpa who knows the truth and his girlfriend.

The only other time I've seen Santa this ripped was in
Santa with Muscles
Now while this movie is by no means a cinematic masterpiece, what it is great for is a good old fashioned horror movie marathon with a large group of friends. I watched it with a friend, so even when we got distracted, we were still able to keep up with what was going on in the plot. Since what I have learned from experience in a good horror movie night, by the second movie most people actually aren't paying attention so one that doesn't have dialogue as a must that you can easily follow makes a great choice. Also it is definitely full of some great Christmas puns and a fair amount of cameos at the beginning. So watch it with these things in mind and you will have a great time with Santa's Slay.

Oh so since I am trying to think of more creepy, offbeat or scary Christmas movies I will be searching for a Chrismas special from a show I loved during my childhood, Mr. Bumpy and another horror movie I read about briefly called Saint. I will be sure to tell you how those go.

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  1. Haha, yeeeah, focus sort of disappears after the first film. I blame the alcohol. :P