Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Halloween 2015 Part 2: The Spookening

Well the Halloween season has now ended and I'm the worst blogger ever, but boy was it a busy day. First things first, as you already saw, I was watching movies like a maniac in the morning to make it up to my 500th film. I was also able to share the edited results of a photoshoot I had done back in 2014 for the Halloween season. Photos are by Bren Macdonald and make up by Erin Geer.

After that I was headed to the first destination in my night of spookiness, a turkey dinner. I know what you're thinking, Canadian Thanksgiving had just happened so why a turkey dinner? Why not is my reply. I went to yet another turkey dinner only a week later so it really is turkey season right now. There was also tequila so you could call it a TnT party (after I left they were apparently going to have a shenanigans night of fireworks so the title was even more appropriate). My highlight of the party? One girl being so afraid of my costume that she freaked out at me every time I put my mask down.
Myself with the host.

The entire turkey time crew.
The next stop on my spooktacular journey with my partner in crime was the Parade of Lost Souls. Unfortunately we only got there in time for the last 1/2 hour so everything was being shut down and we didn't get the full experience (or great photos).

Next up was the final party of the night which had a circus theme. I was able to get some pretty awesome photos in one of the areas they set up and they created an awesome display for their snacks!

For those less savvy in the world of indie horror films my costume was Leslie Vernon from
Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon

After that party, at a reasonable hour we headed home where the night ended by re-watching the movie that inspired my costume. There weren't even any hangovers the next day! (Which I celebrated by walking through the local graveyard where many different shrines had been set up. I elected not to take any photos out of respect for the dead.)
A very blurry photo from watching the movie.

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  1. I'm impressed with your skills sets and appreciation for the Arcane ( Evil horror Film Laugh )