Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Vancouver Haunted Trolley Tour

They say third time's a charm and that rang true for me trying to go on the Vancouver Trolley Company's Haunted Trolley Tour. After trying and failing to call in time to book a spot on one of their ghostly tours two times in a row this year I was finally successful.

I have a soft spot for the tall dark and scaley types.
My friend Topher and I decided to make our ghostly time an all day affair and started off by going to Netherworld Collectibles where we were able to get ourselves properly in the Halloween spirit through the browsing of horror products and memerobilia as well as talking spooky with the man who runs the fine establishment.

From there we proceeded downtown where we were able to board our trolley to the underworld of Vancouver. We were driven on our tour by a troll and a charming spider spun a web of true tales of terror from around this wet city. Our tour took us all over the city from Stanley Park to Hycroft Manor. We even got a tour of the oldest part of the graveyard where we could pay our respects to some of the prominent figures in Vancouver's history. The last big stop on our tour was the Vancouver Police Museum where we got to spend some time in the old morgue and autopsy room. To Topher and I's dismay they did not offer naps in the corpse drawers to us despite what our spider host alluded to us on the bus.
 On the tour I learned that there are many places only walking distance from my house where some of the city's most gruesome murders were committed including a Michael Myers style son murdering his entire family with the infant sibling surviving. Another house was so haunted that it had to be sold to monks since no families wanted to stay there and now they keep the lights on all night. (The moral of that story is don't build on top of First Nations grave sites) It even turns out that there is a corpse deep underneath an intersection only blocks away from my house! I definitely picked a creepy neighbourhood to live in.
Some guests leave a little bit of themselves behind on the trolley.

We managed to survive, although our souls might not have come back intact.
All in all it was a great way to spend an evening and I learned so much about the darker side of Vancouver's history. Our guide was a great story teller and even gave me tingles as I listened to her. It turns out the city is far more haunted than one would expect for such a young city. Heck even the Old Spaghetti Factory is haunted! The Haunted Trolley Tour is definitely something I would recommend for locals and tourists alike, but get your tickets early because they sell out fast!

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