Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Netflix Recommendations: May 2014

So I've decided to help you to wade through the sea that is Netflix (Canada's) horror and sci-fi movie selection. I will only suggest things that I have seen and the occasional tv show will be thrown in once in a while. Every month I will give an update with new titles that have appeared since the last list bolded. Here are my top picks for the month of May:

-Bad Milo
An excellent comedy about a man who finds himself with an irritable bowel demon living in his colon.

-From Dusk til Dawn (movie not tv series)
The Gecko brothers think they're safe after pulling off a bank heist, but their hideout of The Titty Twister has other plans for them.

-Tucker and Dale vs. Evil
While renovating their summer home, a couple of hill billys notice an odd amount of deaths happening on their property.

-Planet Terror
After a military bio-weapon is accidentally released, a rag tag group of those immune must fight for their lives against the pustulating victims.

-The Crazies
After a military bio-weapon is accidentally released, a rag tag group of townspeople must fight for their lives against the insane victims.

Elijah Wood plays a man with a deadly obsession with mannequins and a strange way of showing his affection for women.

A secluded Irish island community must get wasted to survive an evening of alien assault.

Civil war soldiers who have to survive on "the other white meat".

-Stake Land
Survivors of the vampire apocalypse go on a cross country adventure encountering what humanity has come to since civilization's demise.

By now you should know what this one is about.

-The Loved Ones
Lola just wanted to go to prom with him, now he's going to be her date whether he wants to or not.


-Detention (starring Josh Hutcherson)
Serial killer prom queen, aliens and a time travelling bear. Somehow it all works.

A bachelor party goes wrong when they discover the town they are visiting is inhabited by zombie women.

-The ABCs of Death
26 short films based on the alphabet, only rule, someone has to die.

Ever wonder what would happen if you met a double of yourself, this probably would.

-Piranha 3DD
Shut up, it's so bad it's hilarious.

You know what this one is about

-Black Death
Sean Bean contributes to his death reel in this period piece taking place during the bubonic plague days of England.

-We Are What We Are
Ok turns out this is the original Spanish version, but if the american re-make is any indication, it should be pretty awesome.

-30 Days of Night
Vampires in the arctic at the height of winter.

-District 9
Years after aliens crash landed in South Africa an awkward social worker must attempt to move them to new housing.

A one man mission to harvest energy on the moon hits a snag when our intrepid hero gets hurt.

-The Fifth Element
It's a classic.

-The Hunger Games
Kids killing each other.

-Starship Troopers
After an attack on the Earth soldiers must take the fight to the alien insect's home front.

-Attack the Block
Aliens attack a low income neighbourhood which is less helpless than they had anticipated.

-Super 8
After an alien crashes in a small midwestern town, the only ones who can help it are a rag tag group of kids.


-Pan's Labyrinth
During the Spanish civil war a young girl discovers the secret of the old house she is now living in.

-The Fly
David Cronenberg's re-make takes the original and multiplies the body horror by 20.

I just love Hellboy and Guillermo del Toro.

-Errors of the Human Body
In Dresden labs an experiment transfers from a mouse to a human with horrific results.

-Bates Motel
Explore the past of Norman Bates in the first season of this thrilling television show.

-Young Justice
Basically one of the best superhero cartoon series I can think of, it made me actually interested in DC comics.

What happens when teenage delinquents get superpowers while doing volunteer service.

-Twin Peaks
It's weird, we'll leave it at that.

I'm really surprised if you haven't seen this one yet.

-Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes
My other favourite superhero cartoon. Watch it.

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