Saturday, 15 February 2014

Horrifying Birthday Wishes

Everyone gets a heaping pile of facebook messages on their birthday, I decided to make mine a little more interesting by asking people to share with me their favourite horror movie and why it is their favourite, so here are their anonymous responses (I will update it throughout the day as more come in):

-My favorite horror is house of the devil because it is retro styled, well paced, has a cult, is a devil baby movie, and is low budget but high value!

-House on Haunted Hill was a fun one just because it was simple, uncomplicated ghost stuff. Behind the Mask and Dogsoldiers were also awesome, for reasons you know.

-I don't have a favorite horror movie and you know that. You know I have to always cover my eyes, even when watch the B list ones.

-Insidious (the first one) had the ability to make me jump whilst I was watching it on a plane on a tiny screen. Not baaad I'd say! I also thought that The Children was fabulous... although I doubt you'll have seen that as it's British.  (Ariel here, I actually own a copy of The Children)

-Evil Dead. Such a unique and well crafted blend of jump scares, gore, unsettling vibes and humor. Plus it was made on a shoestring budget.

-Oh damn!!! Ummm gotta be something Japanese. Ringu or Dark Water. Still have panic attacks thinking I'm gunna see a creepy kid under the table every time I look under it. Traumatizing. ....

-Ariel, you know I have no such thing as a favourite horror movie! 

-Halloween is my favourite because Michael Meyers is a badass!

-The Fly- It has Jeff Goldblum, lots of makeup fx and animatronics- and it manages to be super intense with a very small cast and few locations.

-Evil Dead 2: Ash's epic battle with his hand. Best physical acting moment since Buster Keaton. Bruce Campbell ftw, baby!

Nightmare on elm street. When you watch it for the first time at 8 years old Freddy is really scary. You can't run from him he's got all the power in your dreams

-Nightmare before Christmas - the right amount of scary fun

-'Alien', though I haven't actually seen enough horror films to have a proper opinion. Gotta fix that.

-The Blob. Because no other monster pulled someone down the drain of a kitchen sink.

-It's hard to choose, I would say Antichrist because it's the most f***ed up movie I've ever had the pleasure of watching and it took me a couple time to understand what was happening plot wise... but that's a psychological thriller.... so for straight up horror I really like REC, because it's totally scary and the ending.

-Pi, because who doesn't love a black and white psychological thriller/horror all about math! Leaves you more confused than when you started the movie, now that's what I call a success

-The first half of the descent, or Gravity? Do those count? If not, then probably Let The Right One In. I like suspense I do

-Um um... A Serbian Film. Just kidding. (I have finally watched it though). That's more gore anyway. I like I like... Hmmm. Well in my life, the Grudge scared me the most. I couldn't sleep without fear for a long time (and I mean years). Of recent horror movies, I really enjoyed The Conjuring because it was well done as a movie overall.

-Insidious, The Woman In Black, and Sinister....because they're very scary!

-Definitely one of the best science fiction films, definitely one of the best horror films. You don't even see the alien until way past half the movie and yet you still get that feeling that there's something there. I mean.. R.Scott at his best with an H.R Giger cherry on the top.
This was included in that last one.
Iiii'm gonna pass on the favourite horror movie thing... you know I don't do horror. 

-Chopping Mall is my favourite, because it goes well with Thai food &#splitsontrees. It also doesn't waste time on witty dialogue or plot twists. It's just good old fashioned murder-robot fun.

-I don't care for horror movies.

- Scream, because it revitalized and revolutionized the horror genre when the entire industry was written off as nearly dead. A movie that set the bar for all other future horror films by holding up a mirror to not only society, but the constructs of a horror film, itself. It's also a satire that doesn't serve to shock with gore, but rather tell a suspenseful story from a place of truth about what happens when a regular human with a knife simply snaps. A film with an estimated budget of 15 million, that utterly failed it's box office debut, but then grew legs and became the #1 horror film of the year, reeling in a total of $173,046,663 worldwide. 

Also, I grew up with it so I no care if others don't like it. I do.

-Human centipede for the barf factor? 

For me, The Grudge, both Japanese and English versions were horrific! And I don't scare easy.

-I almost passed out with Audition by Takashi Miike... I guess that makes it a great horror movie (?!)

-My favourite horror movie would be The Lorax, because that orange thing is f***ing creepy. 

- Jeepers Creepers. I don't know what the hell that creature even is but I had to sleep with my sister for over a year when I was 10!

-Not truly horror, but The Perfect Storm scares the crap out of me...

-I don't have a favourite movie but I have a favorite horror genre? Psychological (that counts right?). I like movies when you can see something actually happening to you.

-IT. Watched it when I was 5, couldn't poop for a few years without thinking there'd be a hand coming out of the toilet to grab me.

- I think the first Silent Hill film, because of it's innovative use of incredibly beautiful traditional effects, and it's lack of reliance on jump scares, especially for a modern film. Though if we're talking kitsch value, Killer Klowns from Outer Space

-A Nightmare On Elm Street because at the tender age of 3 it was my first Horror Film

-The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.. I was "Horror"ified to learn I was the only actor on the planet to hate this movie. 

I still shiver in fear at the thought of having to watch it again.

-Nosferatu: That dude is creepy

-One Direction : This Is Us

- The Shining, for a good classic. But I've always been a baby when it comes to watching Mars Attacks... Even though I'm pretty sure that's a comedy...

-Troll 2 - because you can't piss on hospitality.

-Cabin in the Woods because everything about it

-The Shining, because it's Jack Nicholson and he's both brilliant and scary at the same time.

- I really honestly like Evil Dead 1 and 2 for two completely different reasons. The classics, not the new one. House of 1000 Corpses is great too. Both Dawn of the Dead movies.

-My favorite horror film of all time is the Exorcist! Even if I watch a 5 second scene from that movie, I won't be able to sleep that night. Some of my best and scariest childhood memories!

-My favourite is probably Trick r' Treat. Because, come on. How can you not love Sam? And then I hold a soft spot in my heart for the original My Bloody Valentine because Canadians.

- I like Willard because he trains his rats to do evil things to people he does not like and I like Silence of the Lambs cause I have a weird crush on Dr. Hannibal Lector...

-I pretty much grew up on Tremors. How can you go wrong with giant sand worm demons? 

I also really liked Deep Rising.

-The Ring scared the crap out of me

-Okay - as im bored.. Honest answer - first "actual horror" film to truely properly scare me was "Return of the living dead", which i made the mistake of watching alone one night while my parents were out - and i was only 11 or 12. I stayed up all night with the lights on after that, refusing to turn any lights off until someone else was in the house.

The first (non intentional) film to scare me cr*pless and give me nightmares was "when the wind blows" - which was a cartoon no kid should ever see (especially during the genuine possibility of it becoming real at the time).

-Lastly my mom never wrote it down, but she told me her favourite horror movie is Rosemary's Baby.

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