Thursday, 5 September 2013

Dead on Film Festival, Zombies, Guns and Jane Levy

Well August was quite the busy month. First there was the Dead on Film Festival at The Rio Theatre which was a festival of short horror films where the only requirement was that somebody had to die. Now it was all local films, some of which made specifically for the festival and let me tell you there was quite a variety of quality levels. The best by far though, which also won the festival, was Halloween vs. Battle Royale by LuchaGore Productions. As you can probably guess it was about what would happen if Michael Myers were to choose some of the girls from Battle Royale to be his next victims. We were also treated to some horrific burlesque as the audience votes were tallied and I must say burlesque is so much more interesting when fake blood is involved.

The next big thing to happen in August was my first time being paid to be on set! I was an extra on a tv show who had completed a zombie walk (I'll tell you the show once the episode has come out). I had to come in my own costume and makeup for the part:

I also took another step towards becoming "The Most Badass Woman You Know" by going out into the country to shoot a gun for the first time. Turns out I'm not as terrible at it as I had expected. I apparently got a few "kill shots" on my target. While I didn't get to fire them I also got to handle a cross-bow as well as some more powerful guns than the one I was shooting.

To finish off the month I think I had a celebrity encounter of relevance to this blog. I'm pretty sure I ran into Jane Levy (of Evil Dead remake fame) while I was walking home from work. It felt like a scene out of mean girls as we locked eyes and I started to recognize her. It wasn't until I was out of earshot that I realized who I thought it was and my friend asked if I would like to go back and say hi. Nope, wasn't going to embarrass myself like that!


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  2. Don't forget "Chopping Mall," a morning spent looking at dead stuff in jars at the Biodiversity Museum, and your new "Tiger Mom" title!