Friday, 28 June 2013

The End of Days is Actually Rather Funny: This is the End

Now there appears to be a new trend in theatres this year, the end of the world. Of course there's all your usual fare like the world coming to the end via aliens and zombies, disasters, all the stuff that gets done all the time. But this year there is a bit of a twist, apocalyptic comedy. Off the top of my head I can think of The World's End, Rapturepalooza and This is the End (which I will be reviewing once you click read on). It was inevitable of course that humanity's destruction would leave the realm of horror-comedies (Shaun of the Dead, Zombieland, Cabin in the Woods) and turn to comedies with just a dash of horror.

Now to start things off we have Jay Baruchel, playing himself, arrive in LA to be greeted by his best buddy Seth Rogan, playing himself as well. Apparently living in LA has changed Seth because despite not knowing what it is he is now avoiding gluten, but being an awesome friend he breaks his lifestyle choice for Jay and then they have the best time ever. Complete with Js in the shape of JAY. Man Seth is such a good friend. They are also very responsible stoners because they take a taxi to the party they end up at rather than driving themselves. Of course at the party Jay discovers he is a hipster because he hates everything and his pants are pretty tight in the ankle area.

Oh hey there secret half brother.
Then shit gets real when folks start gettin' straight up abducted yo' by some strange blue light. Then there are these crazy earthquakes and sink holes which lead to one of my favourite cinematic scenes of all time (pretty sure it was in the trailer so it's not a spoiler) Michael Cera being IMPALED by a street lamp. I really hope he dies in more films and someday has a death reel.

I was always Emma Watson neutral until this scene, now she's one of my favourites.

Then we start to get into some crazy demon shit. Let's just say there is a certain possession scene that is quite reminiscent of the Evil Dead reboot that just came out. Projectile vomiting may be classic, but when volumes reach a certain level you know where they got the idea from. While we're on the topic of more religious monsters this movie has the best analogy for the "holy trinity" (father, son & holy spirit)* that I've ever heard, James Franco explains that "it's like neopolitan ice cream" because they are sort of separate but all the same. They also have a terrible way of dealing with demons, setting them on fire? It's just like zombies, the only thing worse than a demon is a flaming demon.
I'm gunna tittyf#ck you Seth!
Now towards the end of the movie you get the best cameo of the entire movie and that is by simple looking lady's man Channing Tatum. Seriously the entire movie is worth it for just that scene. Also the ending is pretty ballin' with the reunion of a well known boy band and no it's not Hanson, Oooom Bop was the anthem of the movie Detention. I know that Seth Rogan is an automatic turn off for some, but I was laughing out loud during this movie almost as much as I was during the Evil Dead, although for very different reasons. Of course I'm a huge sucker for celebrities playing caricatures of themselves. So if you haven't had an earth shattering laugh in a while, check out This is the End.

*Note I'm not a religious person, half of what I know comes from watching The Exorcist and The Omen.

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