Monday, 22 October 2012

DEDfest Part 2: Creepshow

The second film I had the pleasure of viewing at DEDfest was the anthology film from the minds of George A. Romero and Stephen King, of course you know what it's called (and if you don't please just google horror anthology films and come back once you have watched the top ten from your research). Right off the bat I will tell you it starts in a classic way that every parent should learn from, NEVER throw away your child's comic books... EVER.
He clearly missed parenting 101
Also their monster host felt a lot like a Crypt Keeper knock-off, but perhaps this was before the Tales From the Crypt Keeper movie yet, I'm not in the mood to look it up right now so for more info you're on your own.

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Now as we get into the first story we are treated to a comic book style opening which I find to be a pleasant way that many anthology horror films open (as in one of my favourite films Trick'r'Treat does it). In the first story I'm rather alarmed that the father calls his daughter a bitch, I'm pretty sure that the day before they teach you not to throw away your kid's comics you learn not to call your child a bitch, that is just asking for something bad to happen to you. Unfortunately something bad also happens to the daughter and the rest of the family, so really bad stuff happens to everyone in this one. The pouring booze into the grave definitely reminded me of My Name is Bruce "Hooch for the pooch!" I'm also pretty sure they reused the set from this story as one of the sets in the penultimate story.

Now for the next two stories which I had already seen. First we get a very comedic performance by Stephen King as a simple farm hand, who makes some terrible decisions. Near the end of his tragic tale he looks like Jim Carey's Grinch which makes me wonder if they drew any inspiration from this film for designing the Grinch. In the third tale Leslie Nielson plays a creepy ex and makes the terrible mistake of killing Ted Dansen on his own beach. The last thing you want is for dead bodies to start washing up on your own beach.

Stephen King, you of all people should know better than to play with objects from space.
Definitely cannot blame her husband for wanting to find her a new mate.
So skipping over the penultimate story we are now onto the other story I had yet to see about a man and his fear of bugs. I really thought this one was going to go in a Kafka-esque direction with him turning into the cockroach that he really was, but no they just start emerging continually from his body. Then it turns out to all be in his imagination... after he dies of fright.

And that is it for Creepshow, next up: V/H/S

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