Monday, 13 February 2012

A Little Bit Crazy

I must apologize to those of you who have been waiting for my next article with bated breath. I have been a little busy WATCHING HORROR MOVIES *gasp* because I have a little bit of catching up to do if I'm going to watch my 200th on Wednesday. In fact, I'm watching one as I type. So first on the list let me tell you about my time at A Little Bit Zombie.

It was bigger on the inside.
The evening started when I lined up with my friend to get in. We were outside and a limosine pulled up and I just got super excited as the cast and crew of the movie came out. I was quite frustrated though when we couldn't see them from the line-up for their movie because people waiting to buy tickets for hollywood movies were all standing in the way. Then we were in the theatre and the movie started, that's right, no commercials, just straight into the movie. Now this review is harder for me than usual because I was so into the movie I couldn't take notes. Also I really don't want to give anything away because it was so funny in it's own right and I want you to watch it yourself. Stephen McHattie is amazing off the top as a battered zombie hunter, sexually harassing his assistant Penelope (Emilie Ullerup). I especially found him amusing since I had seen his performances in Pontypool and You Might As Well Live. Then we get to the main cast on a cabin retreat in preparation for a happy couple's upcoming wedding. They all have great chemistry together combining the lovable Steve (Kristopher Turner), Bridezilla Tina (Crystal Lowe), meat head Craig (Shawn Roberts) and his wife/Steve's sister Sarah the celiac (Kristen Hager). One of the keys to the plot is the fact that Sarah and Tina hate each other, and how you can really tell that is that Tina makes everyone quiche and Sarah eats it... quiche is not gluten free. When you do watch this one (which you will or else) make sure to keep your eyes open to allusions to The Evil Dead trilogy. So in conclusion when you can get your hands on this one, you are in for a hilarious time.

Got any suggestions for a toothache?

Second I've now found a reality tv show that I actually like and don't feel guilty about watching. This show is Face Off and is a competition for special effects make-up artists. I've only watched two episodes, but in one of them the contestants had to create horror movie villains based on different phobias and there was some amazing stuff, also some really crappy stuff, but mostly really amazing stuff.

Third, this weekend I had a great time being an extra on the set of Leap 4 Your Life, which isn't a horror or sci-fi project, but was really fun (even got some free food out of it). How this ties into the Horror Hub is that I got to hang out on set with some of the stars and creators of an upcoming horror movie called Death Do Us Part. From what I've read about it the beginning is quite similar to A Little Bit Zombie because it is about a wedding party going out to a cabin in the woods before the nuptials. I am really excited for this one since it is another Canadian production and who knows, maybe I'll be able to get an interview with some of the cast and crew for the blog.

Finally this isn't a horror or sci-fi movie either, but I watched this movie called Best Day Ever and while it doesn't really have much to do with my blog I was legitimately surprised by the ending. Well I suppose what does make it horrifying is that it was real. I can't imagine anyone my age or younger going through that.

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