Friday, 25 November 2011

My Macabre Mind (4Villains & American Horror Story)

Who wouldn't trust evil faces like those?
Ok so an awesome new website just premiered this month. It is called 4Villains and is for the upcoming interactive web series by the same name. The first episode of the series will be coming out sometime after Christmas this year and you will be able to see your's truly kicking some supervillain butt. On the website you can create a super villain or hero, join groups, earn infamy points and acheivements, read the 4Villains webcomic and watch 4Villains once it premieres as well as the side series Hench'D20 which has already had its online debut. There are even going to be opportunities for fans to be mentioned or featured in episodes, therefore become a resident of Viktem/Victory City and use your superpowers for good or evil.

Is it wrong I still find him attractive even in this makeup?
In other news I have now become, well I don't want to use the word obsessed, so I'll say addicted, to the new tv show American Horror Story. It is about a family who moves to Los Angeles to fix their family, but unbeknownst to them their new house still has many former residents remaining and has been dubbed by the community "Murder House". My favourite character would have to be Tate, played by Evan Peters. I was thoroughly frustrated looking it up on google image search because half the images were of the cast of glee attending the premiere. Seriously? Just because they are created by the same men that created glee, doesn't mean that the unrelated cast deserve more coverage than the people actually starring in the series. Until I found out they had the same creator I was just left wondering when I was going to see Rachel or Finn get chopped up, cooked and fed to the Harmons by their neighbour.

Watching this show has also caused me to come to a realization. If you have to have a supernatural boyfriend, go for a ghost. Here are just a few reasons why they make better boyfriends than say a vampire or werewolf:
1. You can take them out in the sunlight
2. If things get a bit on the kinky side and you get bit you aren't turned into one of them
3. They aren't sustained by what keeps you alive (your blood or flesh)
4. Generally they are stuck in the place they died at, so if you have a fight or just want some alone time you can just go somewhere else
5. No STDs
6. Most would agree there is no chance of pregnancy, although some stories would beg to differ.
7. They can actually disappear in an instant, no need for doors or windows, so parents can't walk in on you.
8. You can trick your friends into thinking you have telekinesis.
9. If they want you to become one of them, you just have to die. Its not like you are becoming some half alive half dead thing that has to kill others to survive.
10. They can walk through walls
11. Halloween becomes really special because it is the one day of the year they can take you out on the town for a date.

So keep your Edwards and Jacobs, ghosts are where it's at.

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